American Pickers + The Hills= A moment from the pop culture gods. Oh, and an engagement.

Follower update: my sister has now joined the ranks. Her reasoning? She wants to make sure that I'm not writing anything bad about her. I'd say two followers (who may or may not be family) equals success, right? I'm bound for the blogging big leagues.

Anyways. It's Wednesday. Wednesday is Adrian's day off! So where can you find us?
In a trendy club downtown?

on the couch watching American Pickers?

You sure guessed it! You peeping toms can find us on the couch watching American Pickers. (Thanks Netflix!) American Pickers is just so good. And before today, I couldn't even tell you why. And then it happened. Today I witnessed a moment orchestrated by the gods of American pop culture themselves: a miraculous cross-breeding of two of my very favorite reality shows. 

And here's how it went down (Note: these are not direct quotes because my "watch the whole first season" mission has been compromised! Adrian's moved on to Man vs. Food and I can't go back to get the quotes. But here's the gist):

As Mike and Frank drive down the road on their search for the next hidden/dirty/rusty/yet expensive treasure, Mike says to Frank:
"So I watched The Hills last night and Lauren's not even on it anymore!"
To which Frank so naively replies: "Who is Lauren?"
Mike, shocked and appalled, explains: "Lauren from the Hills! She stole the heart of America. I'll invite you over next time it's on."
Lauren Conrad, a man who picks trash says you've stolen America's heart. That's how you know it's gotta be true.

Ummm yes. This truly was a moment sent to me by the pop culture gods. I mean really, who would have ever thought there would be a discussion of The Hills on American Pickers?? No science could explain this. It's purely a miracle.
So the lesson in this? Get Netflix. Check out season one. Then when you're done, hop on down to The Hills and educate yourself on young hollywood. Oh and when you do, please disregard the series finale. I don't care what you say, MTV and Brody Jenner, The Hills is real. Seriously.

Ok before I leave you, I've got one more tidbit of pop culture news.  Brace yourself because the subject of this hot Hollywood gossip will send you reeling back to the days of pop culture yore.

Remember sweet, adorable Stephanie Tanner? (How rude!)
She's engaged! And not to either of those little boys she used to always hang out with. 

And fyi, she's in no hurry to get married (again.) But why, Jodie, why? "We want to wait until there's equality for everybody to get married." I always knew Stephanie Tanner was a humanitarian.

So congrats, Stephanie Tanner.  And thanks cnn for letting me know.

All-in-all, a day for the pop culture history books.

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