Coming soon...English with Adrian

When I was younger (read: in high school...and yesterday), I had about zero interest in being friends with someone with no sense of humor. Probably has something to do with that funny family I was raised in. (Don't know them? Read about my mom here). 

Should be no surprise then that my husband is split-your-gut funny. 

I'd tell you a story or two but I'm only 98.4% convinced that his brand of humor will translate over well html-style.

So I've invited my husband to join as a vlogger (video blog, eh?). 

"Omg, Emily, a vlog??  I'm just so excited to hear what your husband has to say! Annnd I can't wait to hear that insanely cute accent."
I know, right?!

My husband does have a cute accent which can only mean he hails from that one place where all cute accents come to life. Mexico. (For further proof, please go to your local YMCA fitness center and look for my grandfather. He's that 87 year old man speeding by you in the pool. When you find him, ask him to say anything. You will fall in love, guaranteed. Don't tell your spouse I didn't warn ya).

Anyways, what's this vlog gonna entail? 

My husband seems to think that my job as an English as a Second Language teacher is not all that tough. In fact, he goes so far as to say that he himself could teach English, which brings us to his vlog. Adrian will be educating all of you on the nuances of the English language, including but far from limited to the following lessons: perfecting your British accent, idioms such as "drop it like it's hot," and the correct pronunciation of "Dunkin' Donuts". 

(Side note: It honestly took me a few minutes to remember the word idiom. I kept thinking modismo. Nothing says you spent the morning making phone calls in Spanish quite like not being able to remember your native language, which is to say Adrian- 2, Emily- 0).

(Side note's side note: There was a time when I told Adrian to toss the trash into that big trash can thing. He pounced all over that like Simba on Zazu in the first Lion King. "You mean that d u m p s t e r?",  all slow like I don't speak English. Hence the Adrian- 2, Emily- 0).

My husband dominates the English language as demonstrated above.

So brace yourselves. "English with Adrian" comes like a thief in the night, ready to oust me from my teaching position.

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  1. I'm still working on the Mr. Danilolo Show! Hopefully he can make a guest appearance as a visiting English professor! DR also produces some really cute accents!


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