Hey Chicago, how bout a snow day??

Snow days. The stuff dreams are made of, when you live in Maine or, heck, anywhere in New England. 

You wake up. 
You jump out of bed. 
You tune into Storm Center
You're pleasantly greeted with newscasters in sweaters and that glorious Storm Center jingle that tells you there's hope.(True story I tried to find the Storm Center theme song online and for some ungodly reason it's not there. Someone please make this happen.)

And then the heavens open.

You see your school's name flash across the bottom of the screen and suddenly the world is your oyster. School's cancelled! Do a little dance. Go back to bed. Eat some oatmeal. Throw some snowballs at your brother. It's a snow day! Do whatever you want!

Ahh, just typing about it makes me wanna happy tap.

Thought you had a test today? Nope. You don't.
Really need some extra sleep? Go for it!
Feel like staying in your pjs all day without the guilt? Please, by all means.
Wanna build a snow fort til your toes are freezing only so you can go back inside to get that "hey my toes are thawing out!" feeling?? Well then, freeze and thaw away, my friend.

All of the above sound appealing?

Then stay in New England and never move to Chicago.

"But Emily, Chicago is such a cool city. There's deep-dish pizza, the Cubs, Lake Michigan and people who say pop. Why wouldn't I want to move there??"
(I can't lie. I do love me some Lou's.)

Because Chicago steals your soul with its incredibly bitter cold. It's seriously cold here. Seriously cold. So I figure, if I'm going to live in a place this freakin' cold, at least I get a few snow days, right? I might not play much in the snow anymore but I sure do love those moments when you realize the day is empty and you can do absolutely anything, even if it's just watching the snow fall from the comfort of your very warm couch.

You want a few snow days, eh? Not here. We rarely get enough snow to warrant a snow day. So cold and so little snow. What kind of a terrible h-e-double-hockey-sticks is this?? I mean, does that even make sense? In my experience, cold = snow. So where did we go wrong, Chicago? We haven't even had the threat of serious snow like all this winter. And its January. I should have had at least three to four high-quality snow days by now.

My sister recently moved back to Maine. Her facebook status today? "Snow day and lunch with my dad? Don't mind if I do!!! Lol." And that's like the fourth one this week.

So come on, Chicago. Pull yourself together. And if you're not throwing around snow days cause you just don't know how it's done, let this guy show you how:
Joe Cupo knows snow.

Chicago, I'm in need of a little snow.

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