How Hoarders has shaken my soul.

So, come here often?

I'd like to take a moment to apologize to anyone who thought my three day absence meant a relapse into my old neglectful self. It didn't. What did it mean then?

It meant Adrian and I have been thoroughly scared. Like really, really scared. Like shiver in my faux cowboys boots scared.

So what's gotten us so shaken up?

This my friends. This:
Don't know where your husband went? Check behind those stacks and stacks of papers you just can't throw out.

We've been watching some episodes, courtesy of Netflix (which reminds me of why I didn't have a tv for a few years...too many Office, Toddlers and Tiaras and 48 Hours marathons in this house...). This tv show is wild. People who have just saved and saved and collected and collected until there's literally no more space in the house for anything. And it's just so sad.

Like any great reality tv show worth it's weight in popcorn, this show has led me to a few soul-searching questions:
1. Do I own too many bags, shoes, socks, everything? Umm yes, yes I do. 
2. And do I love to shop? Like it's my job. (Shopping with other people's money is even better than shopping with my own. So holllller if you need something. I will gladly pick it up for you and probably for cheaper than you would have found it. I'm good. Tips welcome!)
3. Is my apartment too small for so many things? Sure is.

So am I a hoarder? Actually no. 

I have no problem throwing away or donating pretty much anything. My husband's sister likes to joke that if Adrian stands around too long, he might find himself in the trash, too. But I like him.

So where has Hoarders brought me? On a journey of apartment discovery. Adrian and I have purged and cleaned and organized and donated until our little hearts just can't go any longer and we must  stop for a quick episode of 48 Hours which, consequently, has given us both nightmares. Eek! But that is neither here nor there.

We have spent the past couple weeks and especially this week reorganizing the apartment because if we're really honest we'd tell you the following: we rent, we like oceans and we won't be in the good ole Midwest forever. So we've come to the conclusion that we just shouldn't have this much stuff tying us down to a place we don't plan to live in for all of eternity. 

I bid you adieu pink bag with the cute paisley scarf. Goodbye free pillows Value City Furniture tossed in when they didn't have our couch ready on time. Peace out millions of mismatching towels. Though I'm sad to see you all go, I'm not sad at what you've left behind: 

breathing space. 

Wait, did you smell something just then? 

That's the scent of a new bag coming home. 


Adrian would kill me.

(P.S. My good friend Emily recently watched Hoarders immediately followed by Toy Story 3. Talk about a battle for your soul!)

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