Finally...the snowcation update

Ok so back in the day when there were a few snow days, I promised you all updates on what Adrian and I had managed to accomplish. Now that I finally have some pictures, let the update begin!

Our living room had been begging us for some life. Before Christmas, the walls were bare and sad. During Christmas (roughly Thanksgiving to Feb 2nd), there was a tree to hide that one particular forlorn wall. Then we took the tree down and the wall was back to it's depressing state. Wall revitalization was crucial to the happy ambiance of our little home.

So we spruced things up a bit. Ideas flowed, on my part. Hammers hammered, on Adrian's part. And bows seemingly tied themselves. When the pink and white striped ribbon settled, here's what we were left with:

So cute, right? Although the letters look like they're held by the ribbons, they're actually hanging on nails. Adrian, who just likes to get things done and cares little for aesthetics, kept asking, "do we really have to do all this with the bows?" Yes, yes we do. Because those bows right there? Totally make the whole display. Imagine the wall without them. Snoozefest.

Next we decided to get some extra mileage out of the bunting a good friend of mine had made for us for our wedding. I absolutely adore bunting and how it quickly adds a bit of joy to any space.
It makes the boring behind-the-tv corner a festive corner of dreams fulfilled, right?

Then since we had a little extra bunting, my non-aesthetically-interested husband had the brilliant idea of hanging it from a little shelf. He's coming around, eh?

I love it. And while we're here, I picked up the little doll on top of "Hope" when I was in Mexico last summer. My mom and grandparents used to bring these back for my sister and me when we were little so I was so excited when I found a couple small ones. I had to buy them and we know have them throughout the apartment. Being that Adrian's mexican, he likes 'em too. But really, mexican or not, who doesn't love 'em? (Oh and bt-dub, that's a picture from our wedding.)

Ok then I got a little inspired. I spotted this project here at and I knew we just had to do it. It fit so perfectly with our "let's not take our home too seriously" and our "oh we're mexican and mexican-italian-american" style that it there was no way it was not happening. So, of course, I proposed my project to Adrian and he reassured me that of course he had the know-how to do it. (Sidenote: Whenever I ask him if he can do something or how he did something he always tells me the same thing, "1. because I'm a man. and 2. because I'm mexican." He is, indeed, those two things so I do't argue the point.)

When the snow cleared, we set off in search for the perfect pinata. Given that we live in the pinata capital of the country, I figured we'd have one in no more than ten minutes. I failed to take into consideration that I am picky. About everything. Apparently including pinatas. And I found that mexican pinatas? Not cute. Mostly scary. Donkeys with big eyelashes and frightening teeth? Not what I had in mind. So I ditched Adrian (actually he had to work), picked up my buddy Emily and we headed to the one place we knew would sell american pinatas: Party City. And now, looking back at the picture that first inspired me, I realize I ended up using the exact same pinata. But it had the two things I wanted: perfect colors and no nightmarish teeth. Twelve bucks later, I had me a pinata.

So here's what we came up with:
And I'm loving it. Even with it's crazily lumpy head.

And because my husband is Mexican and cannot bear to let any part of any animal go to waste, we also created this:
Horrifying but ultimately awesome and hilarious? Yes. When we cut the pinata, Adrian just couldn't resist. And sometimes you just gotta let your husband do what makes him happy. Besides, I laugh every time I see it.

So here's that wall all done up

Lastly, I put my new cricut to work (thanks Mom!) and made this little banner to hang over the window. 
Even if I'm not here when Adrian comes in, I can still greet him with an "Oh hello, love."

So there it is. The long anticipated and long-winded recap of our living room makeover.

If you live around here, come by and see it. Once you catch a glimpse of that pinata headed south, I know you won't regret coming.
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  1. Found you over at the 'bee and wanted to say hi!

    PS. I can't even describe how much I'm loving the pinata wall art. Too funny and too cute. The whole room is so whimsical!

  2. The bunting in the TV nook is GREAT! We had bunting at our wedding too (almost a year!) I also love when husbands have decorating suggestions...its nice to have them a part of the decisions.

  3. Steph: I just love this room now. It's the first room you walk in when you enter the apartment so every time I come in, I'm just so glad to be home. Thanks for saying hi!

    Jeny: Sometimes my husband hesitates to give an opinion cause mostly he thinks whatever was fine. But you're right, I just love when he does have an opinion and comes up with ideas.


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