Laughs and tots.

So I organized a little girls night out last night or, as my husband called it, a night girls out. Whichever you prefer. And it was lovely. Lovely like laughs, drinks, and tater tots. Yes, tater tots.

Skylark is this serious dive bar a couple miles from my house. I'd been wanting to check it out for awhile so I gathered some ladies and we headed there. It's appeal? Mellow, cheap, photobooth and tater tots. Obviously not in that order. In order it'd be like tater tots, cheap, photobooth, mellow.

It totally lived up to my little hopes. This might be my new place. Mainly cause it's not far. And it requires little effort. As in I don't feel like I need to find a "going out" shirt nor do I need heels or, heck, even make-up. It's a real come as you are kinda place. And I like to come as I am.

So all-in-all: laughs around a table complete with tater tots and count 'em three dipping sauces. Not that that matters to me cause I hate condiments but I know it sure tugs on the heart strings of those around me (what up Emily D.) so I can appreciate the goodness vicariously.

Thanks, Skylark. You keep cranking out those crispy tots and being chill and my friends and I will be coming around again soon.

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