The moment you've all been waiting for...

Nah, I'm not here to talk about the Oscars (though I have been watching while doing work and kicking myself for not having a little party!).

Earlier this week, I mentioned that my students had put together a survey on eating habits and how much I would just love if you would kindly participate in that survey. My students worked hard to word these questions and are excited to see your responses. So if you would be so kind, my students and I will be so grateful. This is your chance to play a role in adult education!

So without further ado...Here is the link:
Emily's ESL class survey!

Bt-dub, this is my first time making an online survey so holler if you have any problems!

Thank you again and again!

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  1. Thanks so so much! We appreciate it especially since you're not from the midwest or New England...I'm having a tough time getting people from other places!


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