Oh hello, spring!

Well, truth be told, we here in the midwest have a while to wait til spring. But the good news is there's a conservatory in the city and we took our students there last week to get reacquainted with all things green (ooh and pink!). It was so good to see flowers and life and little fish in ponds.

Don't worry, little blogging world. No need to come to Chicago. Allow me to bring the conservatory to you:

And for those of you who much prefer the drama of the black and white, I have not forgotten you:
They're three of the pictures from above converted to black and white. Nothing new.

Shooot. I might go change my computer desktop to one of these fine images. It's about time I get rid of the christmas lights, eh?

Well enjoy! Oh and don't go pawn these off as your own. They are the sole property of oh hello, love blog. Copyright blah blah blah.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great pics :) I should go to the conservatory here in the twin cities. Yesterday it started feeling like spring to me. It was 7 degrees F when I was driving to work and it was 27 degrees when I was driving home! HEAT WAVE!!!! It was 27 degrees all day today! It was so fun to finally not have to wear my jacket! So tomorrow I am going to take down my Christmas tress. It might get up to 40 degrees this week!

  2. Isn't it totally crazy when we're considering 27 a heat wave?? I'm so excited for 40 degrees this week too!
    Thanks for saying hi!


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