Straight-shooting with my sister.

Snowcation updates are coming just as soon as I finish up a couple things around the house and snap a couple pictures cause I know you know blogs with no pictures are boring. It's like a book without pictures. And seriously, who reads those??

Before we get to that, I want to say a little something about my sister. 

One thing you can always count on from my sister is pure honesty. Anytime you're not quite sure if an outfit is ok, ask Erin. She will tell you exactly what everyone else is thinking but is too scared or polite or afriad-to-hurt-your-feelings to say. She'll tell you if that belt hits at exactly your widest part causing you to look like a pregnant water buffalo. She'll also tell you if that shirt fits you so perfectly that you look like you've lost all that weight from ten minutes ago when you had on that godawful belt. She's a straight-shooter. She doesn't sugar coat and she doesn't care if you don't like what she's said. And truth be told, she's usually right. You do, in fact, look like a pregnant water buffalo. So, to her credit, she's just saved you from a very embarrassing night and a humiliating couple weeks of facebook photo agony. You can thank her now.

When Erin hates something, you know. And when she loves something, you know that, too. 

And, luckily, Erin loves this blog. In fact, I think she's probably my most faithful reader and most certainly my greatest advertiser. She's consistently posted links on her facebook directing people here, she makes references to it in phone conversations and she reads it aloud to my family over dinner and that's how I know Erin loves it. 

And yesterday, Erin took her support a step farther. If you'll recall, back when I first submitted my request for a snow day, I mentioned that I was unable to find the Storm Center theme music. 

Yesterday was a Storm Center kind of day.

So Erin recorded the music on her phone and e-mailed it to me to post on this blog.

It takes a sister to do that sort of thing.

Thanks Erin. For being honest about the belt. And the blog. For hating things. For loving other things. And for never being scared to voice your opinion. That's how I know I'm getting the truth.

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