Teachers like to motivate.

I worked today. No, no, no. That in and of itself is not blog-worthy. Contrary to what my sister likes to tell people, I do in fact work. I even hold a full-time job.

The story comes more from the fact that at work, I noticed this sign. It's roughly two feet by three feet so it's kind of appalling/embarrassing that I never really paid any attention to it before. Musta been I've just worked so hard over the past four and a half years, I had no time to devote to my surroundings.

Anyways. This was one of those motivational quote kinda signs. You know, I'm a teacher. I work at a school. I do my work in one of the classrooms. Teachers like to motivate. One thing leads to another and you've got a motivational quote in your classroom. Not in mine. I don't have a classroom that's all mine. But that is neither here nor there.

Sign. Motivation. Aristotle. Apparently one time he said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit."

(It says therefore. That's how you know it's gotta be good.)

So then, I got to thinking. No, not about the grant I was supposed to be working on. But on excellence. And acts. And habits, of the non-nun variety. And then I decided to take Mr.Stotle one step further and replace "excellence" with all those things I'd like to embody a bit more.

Like gentleness.
Or compassion.
Or maybe consideration.
Or do-it-ivity.
And probably peace of mind.

And then I got to thinking about how it's probably true of the bad pieces of me, too.

Like the procrastination.
Or the selfishness.
Or maybe the worrying.
Or the jealousy.
And definitely the want-it-now-ness.

So then I thought about how maybe I could make a little change every now and then. Maybe sometime I could change some jealousy for some gentleness. And maybe I'd realize that I like the gentleness better anyways and maybe I'd try it again the next day. And then perhaps I'd like it so much, I'd decide to keep it and my nurture would out-wrestle my nature.  Maybe.

Then the sun came out. No joke.

And I went back to writing my grant.
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  1. Leave it to Aristotle to inspire ;) Love your thinking; I say do it.


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