Where did I leave that Valentine's day update?

So sorry folks for the Valentine's day update tardiness. Life's been busy. You know, making grocery lists, watching Man Vs. Food, the usual.

So anyways. On to the update.

Disclaimer: I do not feel forced to love on Valentine's day nor do I feel that by enjoying the day am I commercializing my love. I like love every day. And if I can have an excuse to outwardly display my love sans funny looks, than I am all for it.

I just love holidays. And surprisingly, this year I actually wasn't super pumped about Valentine's Day. Not for any particular reason. Maybe the fact that we didn't take our Christmas tree down til February threw off my internal Valentine clock. In past years, I've decorated with heart-y dish towels, etc. Those, however, must have gone AWOL in the move because I have absolutely no idea where they went.

Enter: Lyd, my mum.

My mom is awesome about holidays and most likely the reason I enjoy holidays so much. Lyd likes to give us little holiday surprises, even when we live too far away to just wake up to them. So every year since I've lived away, my mom has mailed me a Valentine package. This year's package: a card, chocolates, socks (!!), a tank top, a t-shirt and a hat and scarf for that one guy I live with so he doesn't get jealous.

Thanks for the Tee, Lyd!

And most importantly, Lyd included two heart-y dish towels to replace the old AWOL ones and she didn't even know they'd walked out on me! In short, best mom ever!

But Valentine's fun doesn't end there. My relationship with my husband works something like this: I come up with project ideas and my husband completes them. So for cupid day, I've historically loved making valentines. This dates back to elementary school and mandatory valentines for all. So good, right? 

Now that my friends and I are too old to demand expressions of love, I like to provide the love anyways. So every year, I like to give friends valentines. This year, I decided to go with a combo of love: jars of candy and/or cupcakes.

I bought some little jars. I bought some little candy. I had some little embellishments in my in-home craft depot. The result?
Adorable, no? I love me some heart-shaped doilies coupled with decorative tape and pink, white, and red candies. If love came in a jar, this would surely be it.

As for the cupcakes, I did intend to bake them myself. Really. I did. But then my husband came home (with the necessary eggs) and one thing led to another and I was sitting at the table watching him make cupcakes. I dunno what happened. I must have blacked out. 

Then the cupcakes were done and ready to be frosted, at which time I promptly came-to. I love frosting and I love frosting cupcakes. I had also purchased these mini individual cupcake boxes. Adrian says I love anything mini. And he's right. I do. So we frosted. We folded boxes. We put the frosted beauties in their homes. And here you have it:
Holler if you need a cupcake. They're super cute and tasty.

February 14th I went to work and came home and prepared to go to my buddy Emily's house for Bachelor viewing with some other ladies. At 6:30, Adrian called to see if I had found my surprise, which of course I hadn't. Then he appeared in the window and there was my valentine surprise. He asked to leave work early to spend the evening with me. I love that guy. Seriously. When you only see each other at 6:30pm one night a week, you get pretty gosh darn excited about an extra evening together.

So what'd we do? No, we did not have a romantic candelit dinner. Nor did we walk beside the lake. Adrian and I like to share our love.

So we went to Emily's. We watched The Bachelor with some ladies. And then we delivered these little reminders of love to our 2011 valentines. And it was wonderful.

Welp, time to go enjoy my Wednesday with my husband, who is currently busting a gut over the fact that Adam in Man Vs. Food just said "orale guey."

Don't forget to love again tomorrow. It's February 17th which is just as good as February 14th.

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