I tried my best.

Anyone else have those days when everything just seems to take forever to do?

This is the stuff my nightmares are made of. Honestly. One of the most stressful recurring dreams I have is where I'm desperately trying to leave my house on time to make a flight. And I always end up missing it. I leave and realize I forgot something and run back into the house to get it. Then I leave and realize I've forgotten something else and go back in, etc etc. This repeats for what must be hours because I then wake up incredibly stressed out.

No dream like that last night. Actually I slept quite well last night. Instead, my little stressful nightmare was my waking life.
Good movie, bt-dub.

So tonight I didn't have to catch a flight or anything but when my husband comes home at like 9:30 or 10 (or 10:30 or 11...or sometimes 12...stupid job), I like to report to him that I've done something with my life. You know something more than loafed around. 

So here's what I've got to report back:


Here those crickets? Seriously, I've got nothing. And it wasn't for lack of trying. (Add to list of failed attempts: look for cricket image. They were all too ugly...or British..you know, like that game...it is British, right?)

Ok so let's take a look at what I tried to do tonight that just did not happen:
1) Tutor. I'm supposed to work with a friend's daughter for two hours but she didn't show up.

2) Book a flight. Who would have thought it'd be so difficult? Apparently when United Airlines gives you those vouchers for flights, they'd like you to personally walk the vouchers on over to your nearest airport (yeah, like I'm gonna joy walk on over to O'hare, the world's worst airport) or photocopy them and then mail them to somewhere in Michigan. Hey United, remember Y2k? Computers and technology didn't lead to the ultimate demise of the world so how bout you let me redeem these electronically? And when I give your people attitude charm, how bout they don't tell me angrily they've sent me an e-mail confirming our conversation? Cause it's like two hours later and that "e-mail" hasn't come. So yeah, now I've gotta go to O'hare or put my trust in Chicago's postal service (bad idea) in the next ten days or they give away my reservation. Thanks, United.

3) Update the firmware on my Cricut...with a mac. Yeah, apparently that's not do-able either. Maybe Cricut and United should team up and fight for their right to not join the 21st century with the rest of the U.S. Oh and when I thought I had the problem fixed cause I brilliantly remembered that I have one of those little mini laptops, Cricut went ahead and told me that my PC's not good enough cause the screen resolution isn't high enough. Oh I'm sorry, Cricut-locks. Why don't you tell me then, which computer is juuuuuuuuust right??
Go on, Cricut-locks. Keep eating the dreams and souls of all your mac-using customers.

4) Eat dinner. Yeah this one didn't happen cause I was just too frustrated.

Thank the good Lord I have the day off tomorrow, during which I will attempt to accomplish something.  I'd say lunch with my old roommate counts. 

Anyone else have a similar day/nightmare??

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