Operation Layla.

For a long time, I've been reading this blog over at wish fullfillment everyday. Layla, the author, is articulate, witty and honest. And that's what I've always enjoyed about her blog. She's been honest and open about having had cancer (at age 30) and all the issues that have resulted from a surgery to remove the cancer. She is now unemployed (due to the health issues), without insurance (denied from her husband's because of these pre-existing health problems) and has worked out a deal with a doctor to have a surgery to relieve her pain if she can get $4500 together in the next two weeks to pay as a cash patient. (You can read the full story here of watch Layla's vlog about it here).

I know you don't know her. And I know I don't know her. And really, I probably never well. But every now and then something just grabs at your heart and you know you can't walk the other way and remain who you are. So if you read her story or you listened to her in all her honesty and something pulls at you, please consider making a donation (there's a donation button here).

For more information, please check out: operationlayla.org

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  1. I'm just now catching up on blogs (hence the comment overload) so I just now saw this! Thank you so much for the sweet words. I feel like no one reads my blog...ever! And this has all been insane...just so amazing and life changing. Thank you so much for posting. And thanks for commenting, so I could follow you. And maybe we will know each other in person one day!!

  2. So glad that everything is working out for you! Please keep us all updated after the surgery. All the best and most positive thoughts!


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