Since we're on this Mexico kick...

I went to Mexico this past summer. Hung out with my fam. Hung out with the husband's fam. And it was lovely. In that non-Cancun kinda way. Not that I'd know since I've never been to Cancun. In fact, I think my goal is to get thee to a beach next time I'm in Mexico. That's what everyone else seems to do when they go there...

Anyways. I took some pictures when I was there. I wanna share them with you. But don't steal them. They're mine. mine. mine. mine. Reallys.

She's famous. She lives in Mexico City. I caught this here glimpse of her from the top of a bus.

That's a horse. Tied to a gate. In the middle of a road. I think he likes to chill in San Miguel de Allende. But I don't really remember. That's what happens when you go to Mexico to see family. They take you a lot of places and you get the places all mixed up when you come home.

There's that same horse, different view. My dad used to say something like "something something something animal headed north." He'll read this and let me know what all those somethings were. And those signs there? They say no parking. Wonder where you put the parking ticket.

That's in Mexico City. Near the Anthropology Museum. I don't think anyone has ever made it through that entire museum. I certainly didn't.

Church. Somewhere. I forget. But I'm liking those colors. Shoulda framed the shot a bit better though, don't ya think? You win some, you lose some.

Good thing Wikipedia knows what this is...cause I, the bad tourist, forgot. I know. I know. Heaps of shame upon my family. It's the National Palace in Mexico City. Tough to get a good angle but this one's decent, I suppose.

And lastly, the flag thrown in for good measure. I waited forever for the wind to kick this flag into place. Can't see the whole thing but, eh, what can you do?

So there you go. Seven months late but vale la pena, eh? Worth it, right?

Mmmmkay, enjoy!

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  1. I love those photos! I've always wanted to go to Mexico, but Key West is as close as I've come thus far.

    Also, that horse is really cute. I'm missing mine right now.

  2. Thanks! That means a lot coming from a photographer :) How's business going??

  3. Claro que vale la pena! Those pictures are gorgeous! The ones of the horse (front and then back) remind me of the pinata post a few pages back! Super hilarious, btw!

  4. @Diana, it was just so classic! I had to get a picture of that horse. That image is like what I expected of Mexico. Horse in the street? Sure, why not? I got alllll day.


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