Things are crazy here.

Seriously, crazy.

I'm in the middle of a writing project with both of my classes.

I'm almost done writing grants for work.

I'm creating a website also for work.

I'm designing the invitation for my friend's wedding.

I'm designing the invitation for another friend's quinceanera.

I just finished designing the invitation for my husband's birthday....and his coordinating t-shirt...and matching cup stickers (awesome little stickers that go on cups with clever sayings that match the theme)...and soon to be doing cupcake toppers....

Oh, and I'm trying to make sure my husband gets enough love and attention.

Forgive me for my serious lack of posts. One day when I finish all these little projects, I'll post them. But not the birthday stuff til after Adrian's birthday. Cause the theme is a surprise. And it's gonna be awesome.

Ok new post ASAP, pinky swear.

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