Cockadoodledoo, folks.

Living in the middle of Chicago, you see some odd things from time to time. You know, like a lady peeing on the sidewalk outside the library. Or random mascots in places where no sports team ought to be.

Oh, but this one, today, was not quite as shocking as the lady outside the library but a little less expected. (sidenote: people do lots of drugs. Drugs make people crazy. Crazy drugged people pee on sidewalks. It's sad, really, but clearly, not unheard of.)

This morning as we drove around the block, Adrian sighted this little stunner:
Yep. A rooster. And not just any rooster, but a one-legged rooster. Seriously, people. How the heck does a one-legged rooster end up in the middle of the city of Chicago? Is this someone's pet?? Did he escape from the local butcher with just one leg to stand on?? Furthermore, did my husband eat his other leg for dinner the other night? J/k. Maybe. Tell me, Rooster, what's your story? Did someone try to keep you in their tiny, cement covered backyard as a reminder of a life lived long ago in the ranchito, or what??? Who are you?

So that was awesome chicken moment number one.

Awesome chicken moment number two? Adrian and I headed out last night to pick up Easter baskets goodies for his nephews. When we spotted this little chicken keychain, I just had to buy it for Adrian.
That's one tough chicken.

Seriously, my husband looks like that chicken. Or maybe the chicken looks like my husband.
So tough, but so fluffy and cuddly. Just like my husband.

Chicken factoid for your day: Foghorn Leghorn is called Claudio in Spanish. Apparently Foghorn Leghorn just doesn't translate well.
 T-t-t-t-t-t-today, Claudio.
I promise to not make Chicken Tuesday a weekly feature...that is, unless I spot that one-legged chicken again.

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  1. Bahahaha! Thanks for this...I almost peed myself from laughing, but thankfully I wasn't anywhere near a library. ;)

    A one legged Chicago...I got nothin'.

  2. I promise I'm not stalking you...just your blog. This is hilarious! Please, chicken tuesday is something I could totally get down with! =)

  3. I LOVE your blog.... And yes, chicken tuesday is something I think we all need. LMAO....

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Your a great writer. Thanks for being awesome. ;)

  4. Ladies, ladies, ladies: thank you! But really, I must give credit to that rooster for being so brave as to walk in this neighbor. There's many a brave man who wouldn't even do that. So really, your compliments should be directed to him, that brave brave rooster.

    Nah...I'll take whatever compliments I can get :)


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