Marc Anthony, you're still so good. Even after "I need to know"

Hey all. I'm on vacation this week so my posting's been a bit spotty. Sorry about that. I gotta get some shopping done today but since you came over, I don't want to leave you empty-handed. So here you go:

Now, let me take your questions:
1) Is that in Spanish? Yes.
2) Do you understand anything that they're saying? Yes.
3) Is that Marc Anthony? Yes.
4) Um...he still makes music? Yes. And it's awesome.
5) How is J Lo? I have no idea. Ask American Idol.

Ok good. Hope I answered all your questions! Now, if this song doesn't make you want to run to your community college to enroll in Spanish classes so you can belt it out in the shower, you just might not have a soul.

For more musical wonders by Marc Anthony, youtube him. My recommendations? Abrazame Muy Fuerte and Te Lo Pido Por Favor. (You can find them here and here, respectively). I should also mention that he didn't write these songs. They're classics that he redid. And redid beautifully at that!

Be cautious of a video with fish in the background and a "translation" for Te Lo Pido. I assume it was done by a Spanish 1 student seeing as it's terrible and inaccurate. Fail.

Alright, gotta go take a shower. Don't judge. I'm on vacation.
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