Best way to start a Friday

One of these days, I'll introduce you all to this guy who is pretty special to me.

Nah, not this handsome fella. He's just my husband

I'm talking about this little man:

That's Eduardo. Or Lalo. My husband's nephew. Best little five year old ever. 

And one day I'll tell you more about him. Maybe next week when I'm on vacation. But for now I just wanna tell you this.

I adore him.

Really, really adore him.

And this morning he came over cause he didn't have school and I didn't have to work til late. We played with an alphabet set I bought him. We spelled his name and talked about uppercase and lowercase. He's still not totally convinced that e and E are the same thing. But we'll get there.

Then I got ready for work. He stuck around to hang out with his uncle. Lucky guy.

I put on my shoes. I grabbed my bag. I gave the little guy a kiss.

Then came the good part. The really good part.

He walked in front of me to the door. Opened it. Held it open for me. And watched me leave. As I got to the gate, he called out:

te quiero mucho, tia. I love you so much, aunt.

And I went off (happily) to work.

*Pictures courtesy of fragola productions

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  1. Ah! He's such a cutie AND a gentleman!

  2. so after reading this and a couple of other posts, i'm kind of feeling like me and Lalo at least deserve a mention in the "me and mine" section of this blog. I mean, we've made cameos throughout, I think we deserve it!!


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