Quick update, friends.

So...quiet around here, eh?

I was out of state. And now that I'm back I can tell you that. Actually my husband was home the whole time. I know you wouldn't have tried to steal all our goods anyways, not with that intimidatingly handsome husband protecting the place.

Speaking of which, I've received quite an outpouring of love in favor of Chicken Tuesdays. And while that one-legged chicken was lovely, I believe it's the "That really happened in Chicago??" factor that got you all so excited. So maybe we ought to shoot more for a Neighborly Tuesdays feature, no? Where I share with you all the awkward glories of living so closely to so many deeply disturbing friendly neighbors? I'll see what I can pull together...

So then. I'm bad at recapping things that happened a while ago. Like last week. So let's just say this: I visited my familia and it was great. I love spending time with them. I think they like spending time with me. Love love love. Family family family. Vacation.

And now that I'm back, blog friends, you have me all to yourselves. You know, in the least creepy "we don't even know each other" kind of way.

Check back in tomorrow for another reason I adore Mr. Adrian.

And then keep coming back. Cause this weekend is the Mr.'s birthday and you know I can't resist making a lovely party.

And cause I know you're curious, here's a clue to the theme of the party:

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