shame on you, bad neighbor.

Remember that sweet little guy who walked me out my own front door the other day and yelled "te quiero much, tia!" when I got to the gate? No? Check back here. Remember too how I said I'd introduce you two formally one of these days?

Well, today's not really that day.


I do have a good story for you.

He called my husband yesterday while we were out to let him know that he had left a present for me at the house. My husband was not to tell me what it was. Lalo just wanted Adrian to know where it was so I'd be sure to find it.

We got home a couple hours later. Adrian checked all around the door where Lalo had said he left aforementioned surprise, but there just wasn't anything there.

Where I live, surprises can't be left outside. Even when they're small gifts of love from a five year old. People take things. And said people took my little surprise.

I called Lalo to tell him the bad news. He told me, maybe they took it because they liked the color.

I told him probably. It was most likely such a nice gift, passersby couldn't resist. I asked him what it was.

He told me

a butterfly pen.

He said he'll buy me a new one.

Sweetest little man ever, I tell you.

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