Baby names. Dad*, don't panic.

I love kids...for the most part. Except the ones who have been screwed up by their parents. I kid I kid! Kind of. I studied elementary education because at the time I thought I wanted to be surrounded by kids all day.

After a couple years in Early Childhood Education, I think I do still like kids. I think I'd just prefer my own (no offense, loving parents in our program!). And Adrian adores kids. And one day, in a few years, we'll have some of our own. Preferably three little girls. Adrian says for every girl, there has to be a boy to protect her. But I think her daddy will inspire enough fear on his own.

So why am I telling you this? Because the Great Name Debate has begun. See, my name is Emily. My parents thought it was a nice name. So did every other mother in 1984 and the 20 years that followed. I am determined to not give my child a name that, when called, causes mass chaos due to everyone having the same name.

Oh, and I'm white and a touch Mexican-American. And Adrian's Mexican-Mexican. Which means we have to find a name that sounds good in English and Spanish.

Thus began the Great Debate. Mostly we're just joking, but the more we joke, the more I'm convinced it really could take us the few years we plan to wait to actually agree on something.

Take for example the name Quinn. Cute name. In Spanish though? Pronounced like "Queen." I would like if my daughter was not subjected to "Fat-bottomed girls" or "Bohemian Rhapsody", etc, everytime she walks down the hall at school. And yes, people who speak Spanish do indeed know and sing those songs. (One day, I'll sneak you all a video of Adrian's renditions. Classics, I tell you.)

Or how about Adrian's current favorite name: Bruce Axel. Yeah, Bruce Axel. Go ahead, I'll give you a few minutes to laugh that one out.


Still got a giggle in ya, eh?

Mmmkay. I told him absolutely nothing that comes from my body will never ever be named Bruce Axel. That's just ridiculous.

Now I, on the other hand, would like something a little more like Rupert. Or Henry. Or Harry. Or Harold. Or Albert. A name fit for an old man. Or a sleeping baby. Yes, Rupert would be just fine. He says those names are for grandpas. Better a grandpa than a steroid-popping meat-loving beer-belly-toting manly-man, I always say.

Good thing we have a couple years, eh?

* Paul, I hope you appreciate that I included you in this post. Maybe now you'll quit belly-aching.

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  1. Hahaha I love the Bruce Axel description! But I'm on the same page as you - give me William, Henry, etc any day over Zack, Aaron, or John.

  2. I talked to my Dad today just a bit after reading this post & the conversation turned to whether or not Hubby & I were going to have anymore kids. We have two girls but everyone seems to think our family won't be complete without a boy. Whatev. Anyway, I tell my Dad that yes, we will have one more (we won't!) and that we're going to call him Bruce Axel. My Dad said, "Como que le vas a poner Brrroose? Como?? Brroose que?!...Ahksehl...que cosas dices?? No, I don like et!" I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Thank you & thank your Hubby for thinking that one up!

  3. @Cheryl: It really was that ridiculous. Bruce Axel. Goodness.

    @Dianasaurous: Thanks right back because I laughed so hard reading your conversation that I made my husband read it and then called my mom to tell her to read it too. Oh and thanks for reaffirming that it sounds equally ridiculous in Spanish. Also, my husband says I must be famous now if people are talking about my blog in real life. Woot! I've made it!


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