The Circus post to end all Circus posts

So I was thinking maybe I should continue telling you about that party, eh? I got busy with making invitations for other parties and forgot about the party gone by. Sorry about that.

So remember that Circus party? I have to be honest with you, ladies. It all looked much better in my head. I keep reminding myself that in the end everyone had a great time and my husband loved it. And that's what matters. Unless you're me. And you wanted everything to be perfect. You win some, you lose a bunch.

Anyways, I had made these cup labels (I know, seriously, who does that?) and I can say that I did like how they looked. Too bad we had soda and beer in cans and bottles. Shoulda thought that one out a bit better, eh genius?

See they had this line, where you write your name or your buddy's name or the name of someone you don't know but would like to know, and thus assign yourself or that cutie by the photobooth a role in the circus. Again, genius idea. Poor execution. Next time, nix the bottled and canned beverages.

Second fail: Awesome idea to have a tent, consequently left over from last year's wedding. (And will be recycled again for "Camping in the Canopy: A night of projected movies in my canopy in my city backyard." Details to follow when the weather decides to cooperate!)

Great for keeping out wind and adding to the circus-y ambiance. Downside? Lots of empty white walls. Booo. Luckily the wind died down and we rolled one of those long sides up and that lowered the hospital factor and made the tent feel ten times bigger.

Other minimal failure: I should have either included a bunch more streamers. Or secured them at the bottom for nice and tidy stripes.

One last thing, I wish I had grouped balloons together in like two ginormous bunches instead of trying to spread the balloon wealth. Something like this:

Maybe not quite that wild. But you get the idea.

Now that those are out of the way, let's talk about what I liked.

I adored my signage. And with good reason. I put a lot of time into those! So enjoy!
(Bt-dub: I found the orange background for the bottom three here).

I also enjoyed my choice of mustaches. I had to get in one good party with mustaches before it became so 2010-2011. Plus they were 25 cents and self-adhesive. I stuck mine to a pole for safe-keeping, but like all great things left outside, it disappeared. No worries, I treated myself to another.

Let's talk about these little lovelies. My old roomie provided the cake and the cupcakes...and did an awesome job to boot! They were well-received and made their way home...on plates, in hands, you know anyway people could take 'em. The toppers I made courtesy of my cricut and an awesome circus cartridge. I loved loved loved those little guys. Especially the bear in a tutu. So classic.
The master baker and her master baked good

Jenny, incredibly graciously, offered to bake the cake, probably knowing that I'd come out with something much less like a circus tent, or more like a circus pie, if you know what i'm saying. Watch where you're stepping. This little gem of a cake was all her doing, from idea to successful execution. Thanks, Jenny!

Each table had an aqua table cover and a red and white striped runner. For like two months prior to this party, I had looked high and low for red and white striped wrapping paper. I finally gave in and bought cheap fabric and asked a good friend to sew it for me. You know, cause I sew just like I bake. Not well. Anyways, two days before the party Party City decided to roll out the striped wrapping party. Thanks PC, you're just two months too late.

So there you have it, my friends. Only thing I didn't snag a picture of was the Carnival games! I picked up a carnival games disc for the wii and we brought the tv outside for people to play during the party. Which was awesome.

Hope you enjoyed it via blog as much as we enjoyed it in real life!


  1. It looks amazing, but I know what you mean about only you knowing about the things that weren't included/didn't turn out the way you wanted. But it really DOES look amazing, and the signs are awesome. I tried making some similar signs for our wedding but I am not talented in the...shall we arts? So I failed and then got on Etsy. But what I would have given to have known you then!

  2. You've inspired me to throw my own carnival themed party. I have been thinking about the Monkey's birthday (she'll be 3 in September) and I think this theme would be perfect! The games would keep all those kiddos entertained too!

  3. @Layla: Thanks for your kind words! And if you need anything in the future, well, you know me now!

    @Dianasaurous: Yay! It's seriously such a fun theme. I loved planning it and people loved being there for it. So enjoy! I had an idea of something I would've changed the other day and now I forget, but if I remember, I'll let you know!


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