Estas son las mañanitas...

Thank you, friends, for your warm and sunny wishes! Despite a bit of strong wind from time to time, the rains held off and the party was wonderful.

I want to give full details on this here circus party because I know so many of you all were hoping everything would work out. And because some of you, particularly my family, wanted to be here but simply couldn't.

So recaps will come. This week.

But not today.

When Adrian comes home, I intend to drop this computer and, consequently all of you (no offense! it's his birthday!), give that guy a hug and talk to him. About everything. The party. That wild photobooth. The amazing friends who helped bring it all together. And about how much I love him, you know, in case he didn't get that message from the two months I spent planning for that party.

So, to hold you over until then, I present to you the best of the Circus Photobooth:

Happy Birthday, love!

Thank you all again for loving Adrian as much as you do. For building a canopy and decorating for hours. For making a cake and enough cupcakes for a neighborhood. For staying late into the evening, laughing with him and taking silly pictures. For praying that the weather forecasts would be wrong. For taking down in thirty minutes when you probably just wanted to go home. For calling this morning to make sure things went off without a hitch. And for wishing Adrian a happy birthday from afar.

Oh, and of course, to the barber who gave my husband his faux-hawk on his big day. For $8.

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  1. great that your Hubby had a fun time! Great pics too! The third one from the top is the funny!

  2. Thanks so much for your well-wishing! It did turn out so lovely in the end.


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