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So I'm in the midst of project weekend, but I wanted to drop in with a quick hello and a story of the disturbing variety.

Now, if you'll kindly recall, my mother has a deep appreciation for all things Jersey Shore. (Don't remember that?? Read up here).

So anyways, I'm facebook chatting with my mom, right? (I know, this ought to be addressed in some family counseling or something). And I made some comment and she counter-commented with a quote from jersey shore. To which I replied,


cause let's be honest, i don't really watch tv. Unless it's on netflix. And it's glee. Or lie to me.

So she says, "jersey shore." Like that's it. Like I should have known.

So then I, obviously, change my facebook status to the following: Ok so im facebook chatting with my mom and she quotes jersey shore. this is just too much.

And she comments on my facebook status.

"It's t-shirt timmmmmmmmmmmmme."

Honestly, whoever said facebook would improve our quality of life is probably one of the idiots who also created Jersey Shore. So thanks. I hope what you like what you've done to my mother.

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Oh and for the record, she ended our chat with a "Peace out."

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  1. You're Mom sounds like all kinds of awesome! This seriously made me laugh out loud! =)


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