Official start of summer. in May.

You know, I really wanted to say hi to you all yesterday. And blogger said no. So I couldn't. But I'm here today, ready to try again.

There's something you should know about me.

I absolutely love dunkin donuts iced coffee.

Seriously, love it. According to the Midwest, it's a sign of my New England heritage. Thank God Chicago recognizes the beauty of the medium Coconut iced coffee with extra skim milk and two splendas. I've got two Dunkin' Donuts three minutes to the West. And one three blocks from work. Woooooot. (And for the record, Starbucks was here. Til it went out of business. Fist pump. Bring on the dunkin!)

Nothing signals the start of summer more than a good, no, a great iced coffee. Roll down the windows. (If you can. Mine won't...gotta get that checked out asap.) Rock out to whatever puts you in a good mood, which currently for me is "Jesse's Girl". And enjoy that iced coffee. Cause it's summer. And life is splendid. Even when it's only May. Whatevs. It's 90 degrees. That's summer.

Back in the day when my husband was just my boyfriend and even before that when he was just my buddy, he didn't understand why summers found me with the windows down and iced coffee in hand. And slowly, with time, he came around. Then I married him. Not because he found out that DD is the greatest thing ever and would show up at my house with aforementioned coffee in tow....

Just kidding. I married him for his fauxhawk.

Anyways, I just thought you should know what kind I like. Just in case you're on my block. Or outside my work. Or waiting by my car. You, little stalker. J.k. I love seeing you around.

(Bt-dub, I tried to fill this here post with iced coffee pictures, you know to match, but the donut pictures were just too pretty. Pretty, pretty. And a donut truck?? That's just magic.)

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  1. Starbucks went out of business?!?!?! Holy cow! I heard they closed some but I figured it was on a street that had three in a mile or something (no really, we have three on one street within a mile of each other).


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