oh hello, reading. I love you.

I love to read. Seriously love to read. And since I work for a non-profit that promotes family literacy, I'm well aware that absolutely everyone is born with the innate love of reading, but it's the job of the parents to foster and grow that love of reading into a full blown obsession.

So thanks Mom.

See, my mom started us early. She read to us a lot. We had bunches and bunches of books hanging around. All those classics. Where the Wild Things Are, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Corduroy...all the greats. And she took us to the library for story hour.

But my mom didn't just stop with Dr. Seuss. She pushed us a bit further. In fact, when I was like seven years old, she read us To Kill A Mockingbird. Yeah. At age seven.

"Heavy topic for a seven year old, don't you think?"

Yeah. I don't think I caught too much of it except the part where Scout runs around in a ham costume.

Regardless, my mom is an animal for reading to us all the time. For taking us to that crazy story hour. For rereading all the classics because once, twice and 100 times just isn't enough.

Now, if only they had written this book 23 years ago....

Happy Mother's Day, Lydiebell!

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  1. Dear Em
    In my defense,, I would skip parts of books that were over your head at the time. I even skipped some of Jemima Puddleduck (Beatrix Potter) because i felt it was way too depressing for kids. We did have fun reading things like Charlotte's web and Pippi Longstockings....


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