Slice of life: Adrian's corner

Please watch before continuing. You will thank me:

Bearing this video in mind:

Adrian and I took a little drive this morning. He's got a long history of talking incessantly while in the car. I generally just nod and go along with whatever he says. Ohhh but today, he had something good for me.

Today, he went on a little tirade about video games. He doesn't play much and doesn't think others should either. He went on about how, when he has kids, he won't let them play video games often. If they want to play football, they can go outside and play instead of pretending to play football with a remote. And if they wanna shoot people, well, he'll just take them down to the local paintball facility and let them go wild.

He concluded this rant on the downfalls of American society by saying, "And that's how Adrian sees it," complete with the "C" hand gesture.

I doubled over, as much as you can in a moving vehicle.

To which he replied, "I'm a real Glee fan now, huh?"

Oh, that guy. His comedic versatility is truly incredible.

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