Slice of life: my husband and Glee.

I was thinking yesterday that I ought to share with you all those little moments that make life lovely.

Then I was thinking I should start that today.

And then such a great little moment happened.

Adrian and I had decided that last night was a Margarita and guacamole kinda night. So I got ready with a little Glee on the ipod.

Before I go any further, I do want to say that my husband is oh-so-manly. He loves a good skull on any article of clothing. He rocks a faux-hawk. He loves all those actiony movies that I hate. And he generally listens to terrible music, like rock music that's too loud.

So there I am belting out some Glee, Don't stop believing. And he comes to the door and starts dancing and belting along with me.

Source: via Pähkinä on Pinterest

And it was perfect.

Then we went out for margaritas and guacamole. And it was perfect.

Then we came home and he insisted on watching the rest of season one of Glee on netflix. And that was the ultimate perfect.

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