A touch of orange and a splash of joy.

I thought I'd drop you all a line so we can chat for a moment about my current favorite color combination. It's so much my favorite right now that I think if I were re-wedd-ing, I would use this lovely little palette.

Ok so maybe not quite that bright, but something similar.

And here's the best part of all this: we've already got the light blue walls! Woot woot! Now all we have to do is incorporate some joyful little touches of orange.

Ohhhh annnnnnnd, can I tell you something else??

There are some changes in the works over at Adrian's job. Changes that involve Adrian being home at normal hours. And us spending more time together. Annnnd us doing normal people things, like going to a carnival or going to the movies or going to birthday parties orrrr redecorating the apartment.

So cross your fingers ladies.

A touch of orange would be just right, no?

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  1. I know I don't comment all that often, but I definitely read your posts and I wanted to pipe up! That's great news that you and the hubs will have more time together in the future.. I know what it's like to not see each other often, and it can really suck. So happy for you guys!

    And also.. those colors are totally my wedding colors ;) I'm so in love with the combo!

  2. Thanks, lady! Adrian got word today that the new schedule goes into effect in just two weeks...which so nicely coincides with the end of my school year. Yay!!

    You are definitely going to have to share lots and lots about your wedding so I can see it all come together! I'm so excited!


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