Water for elephants.

I have this terrible habit of thinking for a long time that I want to see any given movie in the theatre. Then by the time I finally get it together enough to go see it, it's already gone to movie purgatory...you know, that place where movies wait to return to earth as DVDs.

Such was the case with "Water for Elephants" which I'd been honestly dying to see since my mom told me it was a movie. (I need to start watching TV. I never know what movies are out.) And in typical Emily "I'll see it next week" habit, I almost missed it.

Almost. But not quite.

Adrian and I managed to catch it last night. The last night it was in theaters round these parts. And we caught the last show.

On the car ride there, Adrian asked the all important question: Is this a love movie? You know I don't like love movies.

Yes. It's a love movie. Set in a depression-era circus.

Which got me thinking. And probably every other recent bride/ soon-to-be-bride.

This would make such a good wedding.

Minus the "depression", of course.

Then I found this:

Which means someone else already thought about it.

Which means my work here is done.

Sometimes when we're in public, Adrian forgets we're not at home. He made some loud comments during the movie. The four other people in the theatre appreciated his running commentary. I know it.

He finished off the movie by warning Reese, "Careful. That guy's a vampire."

Who says he doesn't like a love movie?

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