Blueberries and bad news.

Friends, today has been a tough day. It started out well enough. Adrian made us french toast with blueberries for breakfast.

And then I dropped him at work and I went to tutoring. And I actually almost felt like I am a decent teacher.

Then I got stuck in traffic. And it was so hot out.

And when I got home, I just wanted to eat dinner outside. But the landlord had the sprinkler going full "no you may not eat outside" force.

And then we got some bad news.

You know when you get bad news it just doesn't matter anymore that you had the most perfect breakfast or that you might have taught someone something. All that matters is that little cloud of bad news and how it follows you wherever you might dream to go.

And then it started hailing. Literally. And I don't mean literally like when people say "And then I died inside. Literally." cause that's just not true. I mean literally as in it really honestly started hailing. As in big pieces of ice being thrown down in the middle of summer. Not just metaphorical ice. Scare the bejeeeeezus out of you, get inside kind of hail. Literally.

Sorry for the daily dose of unhappy. Will a daily dose of honest do? I knew I could share with you.

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