Craigslist and common sense.

Happy end of Monday, loves! And honestly, what a good Monday it's been. I'm no longer sick (yay!), classes are over (yay!) and I enjoyed a lovely evening on my friend Jenny's porch (yay yay!).

In other news, we've been dabbling in the list o' Craig lately. Makes me nervous from time to time but then we just find something so good that we bless each other, cross our fingers and use good old common sense. And so far, so good, my friends!

A couple weeks ago Adrian came across the most epic grill that we just couldn't pass up. After Adrian cleaned and I cheered him on, that adorable little grill was ready for her first mission: Adrian's cousin's birthday party. And she was a hit!

Seriously. A stagecoach grill. Who woulda thought a grill could be so cute? We'll be the envy of all the neighbors all summer long!

And our good Craigslist luck continued. Just take a little look-see at my dresser:

She currently resides in the living room in all her white and gold glory. I'm hoping I can convince that husband to trade out the gold for a light orange....oh yes, light orange. And I think I'd love that little rug a whole lot more if it was aqua and white instead of navy blue, but since it was only $10, it stays for now. And that jukebox might have to move to a more manly location, but you get the idea.

So there you have it, friends. Two goods finds and we're still alive. Don't worry though. I don't plan on pushing my Craigslist luck too far. There are some real crazies out there, you know.

Good luck and common sense, ladies. Like I always say: if there's a creeper, leave that good find behind.

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  1. Craig's list scares the bejeezus out of me. You're so brave! And that little grill is awesome. I'm also having a bit of dresser envy...


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