Margaritas and Marriage

A friend of mine is getting married and moving away. We went out last night for margaritas and guacamole. And it was lovely.

Since she's getting married in a few weeks, much of our evening centered around marriages. And actually, we didn't talk once about her upcoming wedding. And I adore weddings. I love the planning. And the details. And just everything. But ultimately, after that day, the two people are indeed married. Sometimes I think we focus so much on which napkins to use that we forget that the marriage that follows also takes preparation and planning.

So it was refreshing to just talk marriages. We shared stories of marriages we admire and what we hope to emulate. And marriages that make us a little panicky. But mostly we talked about love and how it can change over time.

When I see much older couples who have been married since probably forever and when they still so clearly adore each other, I'm amazed. Because I know that that didn't happen by chance. To stay in love for so long takes work. And consideration. And honesty. And undoubtedly some laughter. To share everything, the joyous and the sorrowful, is to grow together.

In short, our chat was refreshing. A pleasant reminder of the beauty of both marriage and margaritas.

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