Maine Adventures, part one.

I'm back!

You didn't even know I was gone. But I was. And now I'm back. I couldn't tell you all that I left since my husband left too and we had an empty house. Better safe than with a broken window and a missing wii, I always say.

So anyways. Let's talk about where I was, no?

I went home to Maine. And it was probably the best trip home to Maine since the beginning of trips home to Maine. Mostly because Adrian got to come!

Since it was his first time to Maine, we did lots of typically Maine things.

Adrian in Maine is a happy Adrian indeed! 

We went on a boat. And if you're not thinking of this, you ought to be. (Note: you may want to turn down the volume if you're with kiddies or your mom. Unless of course your mom is like mine, in which case she's already got it memorized and made reference to it when on aforementioned boat.)

Oh but it was lovely. Boat rides are so quintessentially summer. This particular ride was a tour of Boothbay Harbor. I love this little town for its tourist-trappy shops and outdoor-seating restaurants.

I snatched a couple pictures while on the boat and I think they came out almost as lovely as the ride itself.

It was such a beautiful day. Adrian was so excited for his boat ride and I was so glad to be there with him. Also, shouts to my mom and my cousin Maddy who accompanied us and made the day even better.

So thanks, nice weather, for allowing me to capture these lovelies.

Come on back tomorrow and I'll share some more of our adventures and our pictures. I've missed you all!

(Bt-dub, those pictures are mine, all mine. So don't use them without permission, eh? Especially not that one of that handsome guy. Oh and if you wanna see them even bigger, just give them a little click.)
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