Remake number two: patio set.

Last week, or maybe two weeks ago (time is currently inconsequential), Adrian and I spent a couple afternoons repainting some goodies that were in desperate need of a coat of joy.

I'm just not a fan of dark wood.

So here's what we started with:
*from ikea
More or less. Ours is actually about twice this size. Lovely, but like I said, dark wood just doesn't do it for me. Plus I wanted the set to match our plates. Naturally.

So I had this brilliant idea to make it a little more joyous:

It's a bit difficult to see, but one of the chairs is an icy blue color and the other is white.

Like I said, they match my plates.

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  1. Em- I love it! (and the hutch BTW)

    We missed you so much at camp. Hoping to see you soon, Love ;)

    Cousin Sarah


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