Baking old style.

Adrian and I have discovered that we love to bake. Previously we baked from boxes because we didn't know what we were doing and we were... how shall we say... lazy?

But since we both enjoy baking, particularly doing so together, we've decided to tackle baking old style, sans mix.

Our first attempt were these delightful little cupcakes, made from this here recipe.

Raspberry Lemon goodness.

End result? Perfection. More or less. Adrian brought a bunch with him to work and they were the cat's meow which is truly miraculous because generally speaking Mexicans aren't huge on sweets. Meaning they don't crave ten cupcakes a day like me and my family. Weird.

So attempt numero uno was a success. Number two? Maybe little peach or blueberry crisps in little jars a la wendolonia.

Wish us luck and blueberries, friends!

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