A little help over here?

Since I mention it all the time here, I trust that you, my friends, know that I teach English as a Second Language to adults in my neighborhood. And like I seem to do all the time lately as well, I'm again asking for a bit of help.

I work for a non-profit, which translate to no-extra-money. Books used for classes are available to students, but only in the classroom. This means that students cannot bring their books home to study and cannot do any work in the actual book as they need to be reused each year to save on costs. For anyone who teaches and anyone who has ever been a student, you know that this is far from ideal.

This year I am giving my students the option to purchase the books themselves. This will allow them the freedom to bring their book to and from class, permitting them to study outside the classroom. I am incredibly excited about this possibility. Our classes are held for just 9 hours a week. This is obviously not enough time to master the complexities of the English language so study-time outside of class is absolutely essential.

The median household income of the 4th congressional district, which includes my neighborhood, is $56,768. However, the strong majority of our families report living as families of four or more on less than $20,000 a year, with a few currently residing in shelters.

What does this mean for you, my dear friends?

It means that sometimes I have students with a great desire to learn and with a strong commitment to the classes but without the economic means to purchase the book. My dream would be to offer a discount or a small scholarship to students who consistently come to class and who participate but lack the necessary funds to buy a book. While I will certainly be contributing to this fund myself, I would love if others would also be willing to sacrifice a few dollars and I would love to be able to tell my students that there are in fact people out there who do want to see them succeed and who do care about the education of the under-served people in this country. I'd also love to send you a thank you note from the student who receives the book, if you don't mind.

If you would like to see the book I use in class, please click over to amazon.

So if you would be willing, would you contact me so we can arrange something?

From the bottom of my idealist teacher heart,

thank you thank you thank you.
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