Top five reasons fall is legit.

Up until last year, fall was my absolute least favorite season. Summer always meant freedom, and swimming and lemonade and reading outside and everything good in life. Which consequently meant that anything that followed the best of life had a lot to live up to. I hated the shortened days, the cooler weather and the transition back to being a responsible adult with a teaching job. So rather than fall being fall, fall was just the end of summer.

I think Adrian's been really quite instrumental in the change of opinion of fall. He hates summer. He doesn't like to be warm and much prefers the colder weather. Add to that his passionate love of all things orange and you've got yourself a fan of fall.

I suppose in marriage you begin to change each other. I started to look at fall, last year, as separate than summer. And rather than compare the two, I found myself beginning to embrace the fall for what it was.

And here, my friends, is what has pushed me over:
1. Pumpkin anything and everything. You may thank Dunkin Donuts for this new found love of fall. They provide me with pumpkin iced coffee, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin doughnuts, if need be. And boy, does need be.

2. The color cranberry. Adrian says it looks terrible on me because it makes my face look more red than it already is. Psshhhhh. I wear it anyways.

3. Perhaps more recently, orange! For years Adrian has tried to convince that orange was an okay color. And for years I have said that it was an awful color. Then something this summer just clicked. I realized orange looks phenomenal with all my favorite colors: navy blue, aqua/teal, cranberry, ice blue. In short, I have incorporated orange into my closet and my home decor. Adrian is quite happy.

4. Halloween. Adrian and I love to throw parties. Adrian loves Halloween. Adrian and I love to throw Halloween parties. I think it's because my mom refused to allow me to trick-or-treat after age ten. Stunted development followed. Now I feel the need to make up for it with ridiculous Halloween parties. And no, you are not welcome to my parties if you show up in anything that would be described as "slutty" if today were not Halloween.

5. Fall outfits. I love me a good jacket and a good pair of boots. So thank you fall for providing me the opportunity to show off my vast collection of both jackets and boots. And in stunning colors. And thank you also for bringing an end to the ungodly heat of summer in Chicago.

So there you have. Emily's top five reasons that fall is a legit season. Now, admittedly, if I did not have to start teaching in the beginning of August and if the heat in Chicago was not so oppressive, I would have a harder time letting go of summer and embracing fall. But as I stand, sweating, before a classroom of eager-to-learn adults, I cannot help but wish for a bit of relief. It's tough to look professional in shorts and tank tops. It is much easier to look professional in long pants and cute cardigans.

So, hello fall. I apologize for all those years we lost.

*all pictures via pinterest.
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