Creating outfits.

Hello my friends. There have been some recent changes to my postings, which you may have noticed. I started using polyvore! Polyvore has catalogued bunches and bunches of items found all over the internet and allows you to take those images and piece them together to create outfits and home decor plans. Crazy. I've been loving being able to search through lots of separate pieces to be able to create outfits. I love to see how colors look together or how styles can work together. And it has certainly influenced how I shop. I'm focusing more on pieces that I love that work with many pieces I already have.

So if you're already using polyvore, let me know so I can check out what you're creating and be inspired. And if you're not, maybe you will now? I need some ideas, creative friends!

*This post was not sponsored by polyvore, although it should be, right?
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