Happy anniversary to that one guy.

Facebook tells me I have an anniversary coming up.

I remembered it even in my non-facebook life which luckily is > my facebook life. (Greater than, non-teacher friends, that's a greater than symbol.)

So how has this here first year of marriage gone? Swimmingly, actually. And thanks for asking.

You all had me a little bit worried. Adrian and I did things the old-school way. We didn't live together before we got married. The general consensus seems to be that this indeed leads to marital disaster. That until you live with someone, you don't really know all their unappealing and often disgusting habits that would cause you to run for the hills.

Luckily, Chicago has no hills.

And so, here I am. Mostly because, as it turns out, Adrian and I have no unappealing habits. I certainly don't start projects and leave my materials sprawled throughout the house for an as-of-yet-undetermined date when the project will be complete. Nor do I have an uncanny ability to ignore my dishes in the sink. And I definitely don't toss my jeans on the bedroom floor at the end of the day.

and leave them there??

And, while we're at it, Adrian does NOT leave the tin foil any and every place but in it's basket in the pantry. And he would never buy so much food that it would spoil before we could eat it. Oh, and he never, ever refuses to listen to me as I'm telling him about a blogpost. Never. Cause that would make me crazy.


Fortunately, we have found that at the end of the day, the good qualities we discover actually outnumber the bad. And while we both exhibit quite obnoxious behavior from time to time, we are also making an effort to limit those very behaviors. Though I don't always remember that Adrian, much like my father, hates my pile of shoes by the door, I do make an effort to reorganize and put away said shoes once or twice a week. That being said, a friendly reminder goes a long way.

We have also discovered this year a wide range of differences stemming from culture and background. And while he does not always understand why I do what I do, and I he, we work to communicate our values and to find a common ground which acknowledges and appreciates both cultures.

But mostly, we just keep laughing. Just the other night, while watching Mad Men (so goooooood), he commented that, unlike a main character in the show, he would never ever miss the birth of our child, whenever that happens. He then proceeded to show me how he intends to catch the child as it bursts forth into the world. He held his hands in front of him and swayed from side to side, attempting to predict the trajectory of the baby.

I think I laughed for days.

And sometimes when I'm grumpy, which does happen, he moves around, arms in front of him and I laugh again.

Back when my sister got married and asked me to speak, I talked about how divorce is so very rare in my family. And how every woman in my family has had such fortune as to marry a man with an incredibly strong sense of humor. And how those women are all still laughing to this day. Whether it be the memory of my dad's dad pounding the table with the grandkids chanting "we want food!" or my mother's father and his impression of a vulture. Or my dad and his outrageous comments. Or my brother-in-law and his sewing machine dance.

Or my husband and his baby catch.

We Monsivais and Alberghini ladies have been laughing for a long time.

And I hope to be laughing through life for a long time to come.

Happy 1st anniversary to the man who keeps me laughing. For now and forever. Juntos Together.

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