Keep it together.

Hi, old friends. I remember you. And I've thought of you. And I've wanted to write. I have. But words were few and tears were many. So I didn't write.

But now I think I'm ready.

We, being Adrian and I, have been making some difficult decisions lately. Restructuring. Making a budget and sticking to it. Gasp. And then blowing it. Then getting back on the band wagon. We've been prioritizing. Talking about the future and where we want to be versus where we may be. And making hard decisions based on whatever facts we have.

Sorry to be so vague but I must. One day this will all become more clear and you'll understand why I had to be so clouded for so long.

Regardless, it's been stressful. Anyone who knows me knows that a stressed Emily is hardly an Emily at all. Out the door fly the easy smiles and quick laughs. Replaced by even quicker tears and bouts of anxiety.

Which leads me to now. Sunday. I'm determined to have a better week than the week gone by. So brainstorm with me, no?

How to keep it together and remain more yourself:

1) Breathe. Seriously.That's key.
2) Buy shoes. I kid. I kid. Kind of. It's hard not to feel better about life with a nice pair of shoes on.

3) Focus on what can be done today. Probably because I don't keep actual to-do lists so I have a continually running to-do list in my head, which may cover anything and everything I have to do today as well as for the next 10-15 years. New goal: Keep a daily to-do list. And tackle that which can be completed today.  Oh yes, and be awesome.

4) Sleep enough. Which for me means no less than 8 hours a night. Adrian can get by on less but I just can't. When I was little and I would get upset, my mom would tell me to go lay down. And I would be so angry. But she was right. Sometimes I just need to sleep. And then the world is instantly better.

5) Eat better. The question: Can I do it? I love sugar and I'm a non-eater when I get stressed. Both bad things.

6) Enjoy the small moments and joys. I love Halloween. I love fall. I love the little joys of the season. I have to take short little breaks in the day to enjoy the small things. Things like read Harry Potter. Make something with my hands. Bake. Read with my nephews. Hug my husband. Because those little things, they make me feel like me.

7) Keep a clean house. Everything seems better when my apartment is clean and organized. When it's not, I'm constantly reminded of how I'm falling behind. I hate that feeling.

I had an awesome ending planned here, but blogger doesn't like it. Thanks blogger.

Maybe it will like it tomorrow. Until then.
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