A plaid Halloween bat.

Adrian and I are putting finishing touches on his nephew's Rio birthday party tomorrow! I'm so excited to see how this will all turn out. And, most importantly, to see his nephew's face when he walks in! He knows he's having a birthday party but he knows nothing about the theme or any details. Adrian's family isn't very into party planning, so this will be Gerry's first party with a theme and decorations and everything. So we're really excited to show this little guy some love and to make him feel incredibly special. So check back in later this weekend for pictures from the party!

While I'm not planning birthday parties, I've been decorating the house and getting ready for Halloween. I made this little Halloween sign which I printed and put in a frame in the living room.
I'm especially pleased with the plaid bat. Yes, every Halloween ought to include a plaid bat. Preferably, a plaid bat swiping the letter A. Perfect.

I also made a little "Spooky" banner. Once I figure out where to hang it in the house, I'll post a picture of the whole thing. For now, I tease with you just the first letter:
To make the banner, I tore pages out of Harry Potter. <<gasp!>> I know. Don't let children see you do this. I made that mistake. My 5 year old nephew was horrified that I was tearing pages from a book. However, I bought this copy at a used book store for $1. No worries, friends. I still have my whole collection intact on my bookshelf.

So yes, I tore pages out. Then ran them through my cricut to cut them into this shape. I then downloaded the Harry Potter font and had my cricut cut out the letters for Spooky. (I know, cricut, cricut, cricut. Lame.) Glued each letter on to separate pages. Then with an x-acto knife, I cut slits and ran an orange ribbon through it. So good. 

Alright, if you're interested in getting a copy of the Halloween printable, send me a quick e-mail and I'll mail you the PDF. Mostly cause I don't know how to make a link to download....gotta figure that out.

Enjoy your Thursday!
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  1. I knew there was a reason I liked this blog the other day. This post is proof that I was right! I love everything in it... especially that plaid bat. And I did gasp when I saw that the page behind the S was from The Chamber of Secrets, so I'm glad to hear you left your own collection in tact.


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