The Rio party.

So just as I promised, I have the photos from my nephew's 10th birthday! Being that his family isn't particularly interested in party planning, this was his first theme party and it went wonderfully. He and his friends played games, won prizes, watched Rio outside on the projector and enjoyed snacks.
This was the main table. After watching the movie Rio, which is one of Jerry's favorite movies, we came up with the idea to make the table look like a Brazilian marketplace. So Adrian and I built the awning using teal and white chevron fabric. Adrian also built the boxes on the right out of wood and then painted them white. We used striped wrapping paper from Target to cover the table. And lastly, we spray painted a bird cage we had to match the color scheme (Caribbean blue, red, yellow and orange). The above table looks a bit empty because the cake had not arrived when the photo was taken. It was placed front and center upon arrival.
Though a little hard to see, the boxes Adrian built looked like the boxes fruit is sold in. A bit crooked, but adorable! The plush toys from the movie were given away as prizes for the winners of the games. 
The popcorn and candy were set out for kids to take to eat during the movie. Miraculously, the snacks actually stayed in place until the movie started! Seriously, a miracle. I created the labels on the bags of candy and popcorn, again to match the color scheme and to personalize it a bit more.

Adrian and I hung a hoola-hoop from the top center of the inside of the canopy. From the hoola-hoop, we attached streamers that connected to the inside poles of the canopy, so they hung along the top inside of the canopy. (Does the even make sense??) Best idea ever. It added so much color to an otherwise blank canvas. Best of all, they didn't hang down which meant no children pulling on them.
Thanks to the power of ebay, I was able to find Blu, the main character of the movie. 
We placed him in a cage and I cut the word "Rio" using my cricut. 
At the end of the night, Jerry took Blu home with him.
I made this using an image I found via google. I added in the text. Jerry loved it and asked to keep it. I'm pretty sure every kid loves to see their name on just about anything.

Lastly, the cupcakes. Adrian and I baked these from scratch. The cake was blue, yellow and red and the frosting was lemon. And they were soooooo good. I made the flags on the computer, then printed them and cut them.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the party as much as we enjoyed throwing it. Although, in honor of full disclosure, I will say I am much more in favor of adult parties. At least among my friends, I need only worry about the set-up and decorating. With children? Set-up, decorating, and crowd control. Tears may have been involved. And not on my end. Child egos are delicate.

Lesson learned. Adult parties from here on out! Ohhh, but I can't resist a decent theme party.
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  1. HI! cute party! I am thowing my son a Rio party as well and I noticed your blue chevron fabric - question for you ;)
    Would you sell that or tell me where you found it?
    I guess that's two :)
    any info would be great!
    thanks so much


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