Thankfully fall.

We're in full fall mode here in Chicago and more specifically in my house. And it has been wonderful. Thanks to my google-aided discovery of in-house apple cider, many nights have been passed on the couch with a warm drink, a cozy blanket, and that guy I like/love.

A few things have been going on that have made me quite thankful for this little life I live so I thought, if you don't mind, I'd share them with you. That way maybe you'll find some things that make you a little thankful, too. Shall we?

1. Adrian likes to leave me notes on the mirror every morning before he leaves for work. Since he leaves before I even wake up, it's lovely to find a piece of him as I start my day. Plus it makes each day like Christmas. He generally writes something along the lines of "I love you. Have a good day" but there's always a little twist. Like the "O" in love turned into a dancing heart man. And the best part? When I take incredibly hot showers, all the ghosts of letters past appear in the fog. One of these days though, the windex will have to lay them to rest once and for all.

2. I listened to my iPod (key word being my, not Adrian' offense, friend!) all afternoon yesterday as I cleaned and reorganized and started a home organization binder. Ohhh it was lovely. It was relaxing and it was me. I didn't have to skip any songs or negotiate. While Adrian and I can agree on some bands (namely Santana, ManĂ¡, U2, and the No Doubt station on Pandora), we differ on the vast majority. He leans towards classic rock whereas I prefer something a bit more mellow and not so want-to-thrash-around. So an entire afternoon of Ray Lamontagne and Alexi Murdoch and Matt Wertz and Norah Jones and Missy Higgins. Oh, lovely.

3. Party planning. My old roomie, Jenny, says I should just give up the teacher gig and start party planning full-time. While I don't see that happening in the foreseeable future, I do love to plan a good party. We're currently experiencing all-out insanity trying to pull together a "Rio" party for Adrian's nephew. Good luck finding a Rio plush toy without forking over your credit card number and praying to the gods of ebay that your identity isn't stolen. Yeah, we're praying. (Bt-dub, party's this coming weekend. Pics to follow!)

4. I'm really enjoying teaching. I have finally figured out that despite the fact that almost all of my students are older than me, I am in fact the authority figure in the room. And while I have always done a decent job, I think, of inspiring learning, I did a horrible job of enforcing any sort of policy. This year is different. I set out from the beginning letting my students know that I am not out to be their friends, which is difficult when many are my same age. I am their teacher. Meaning I'm not terribly concerned with popularity. I am, however, concerned with their learning English. In the past, students have waltzed in up to an hour late for class, which is ridiculous in a two-hour class. This year, the door closes ten minutes after class begins, no exceptions. And luckily, I haven't been confronted with the issue. Every student has arrived in the pre-set time frame. Which is like an adult ESL miracle. Truly. Similarly, homework has been completed consistently and attendance has been phenomenal. My best year yet....thusfar. With the absence of grades, sometimes it can be difficult to motivate students. But I have learned that because my students are adults, they ought to be self-motivated. And they are. So rather than dangling tests, homework checks and meaningless grades before them, we continually remind ourselves of why we study in the first place. To help children with homework. To communicate with the doctor. To get what is needed in a store. To be confident in a country that is not yet home.

This year, I've gone a different route with my role as a teacher. And it has gone swimmingly. Now ask me again next June what I think. Hehe.

5. I'm on vacation. And in just a few days I will be hanging out with my family. That's enough to make any October wonderful!

Can we maybe start a discussion? What has made your fall wonderful? What small joys are you finding? Please do tell me.

*picture found via pinterest. Click photo for link.
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  3. When you go home take your really wonderful patents out to dinner.

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