A very Emily wishlist.

Since the stores seem to think that it's ok to begin Christmas, I figure I ought to as well...beginning with my wishlist. The way I see it, I'm doing you a favor. Now you have more time to seek out the things I so long for. Right?

1. Canon 50mm lens: Another piece to make this blog look even better! Seriously, my current aperture doesn't go low enough. Must have f/1.8.

2. This adorably wintry blazer. In peacock teal. Seriously amazing.

3. Sweaters. Thick, chunky, cuddle up in winter sweaters. Apparently when I buy sweaters, I only buy thin little cardigans. Yeah those don't stand up to Chicago winters.

4. This cute little headband. Handmade by Erin at http://sunshineandcarousels.blogspot.com/. Love that blog.

5. This lovely striped cardigan. Also handmade, this time by Leanne at http://elleapparel.blogspot.com/.

6. I am open to gift cards. I enjoy shopping at the following establishments: DSW, Kohl's, Loft.

7. Extra time with this handsome guy.

Can I make this a weekly thing? Because I'm pretty sure I could find new lovely things every week.

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