Being away from my family is always that much more difficult on holidays. Were I home, I would be laying on the couch at my aunt's with my sister, my cousin and my dad. We would probably be watching that Dog Show that I don't care much about but I watch anyways. And my uncle would be asking why we have to watch it every year, just like he does every year. Traditions, friends. I love traditions. And it's hard to know those traditions continue when I cannot be there.

But since I'm not there, Adrian and I are making the most of Thanksgiving. We'll be cooking and baking and eating and relaxing.

So today I am thankful for a husband who works incredibly hard and hardly complains (and is currently at work...). And for my nephews who keep me company while he works, who wake me up in time to watch the parade, who spill juice on my white rug and who excite at the sight of each and every parade balloon. And for their mother who lends me their company when I need them. I am thankful for my little apartment which has become our little home. For video chat when family is so far away. And for this distance which has forced me to learn to make my grandmother's incredible whipped cream and my mother's pumpkin pie. 

I am thankful for my family far away, my husband whom I adore and my family of little nephews, who always have a hug to share.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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