Breakfast with Santa.

This weekend my pre-marriage roommate and I threw a little Christmas party. It was delightful. We wanted to do something a little different than we've done in previous years so we invited everyone to join us in their pajamas for a Breakfast with Santa! We provided homemade eggnog mini donuts, sand dollar pancakes, mini quiches, cinnamon buns and everything lovely and breakfasty. And if that wasn't wonderful enough, Santa made an appearance. He passed out gifts and stockings. He even stuck around to take photos with guests. Such a good party. 

We may have started a new holiday tradition. 
Holler if you'd like eggnog donuts because they were amazing. 

*photo template and little extras can be found at puglypixel
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  1. so where are the pics??? we want to see some pics of santa and the elves!!! hahaa


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