Happy December!

I am in shock that it is December. Every year December seems to sneak up behind. Not unlike my little brother. When we were young, he used to entertain himself by alerting me to an impending scare.

"Em, I'm going to jump out around the corner and scare you in 30 seconds," he'd call out.

And sure enough, in 30 seconds, he'd jump out and scare the living bejeeeeeezus out of me. Every time.

December is like that. Every November, I look at the calendar, make my plans, and book a flight home as December calls out to me, "Emily, just like last year, I will arrive in approximately 30 days and scare the daylights out of you." And every December 1st, I'm caught entirely off guard. Honestly, every year.

And though I knew in my head it was coming, I am found utterly unprepared. Our tree remains in its box. Advent calendar tucked away. Ornaments in their little plastic tubes.

After every good scare from my brother, an even greater laugh always followed.

And just like that, I intend to have a good little laugh that somehow I let time slip away from me and then I'll start to celebrate the season. To set aside my other responsibilities for a bit and enjoy December. With a tree. Lights. Ornaments. And the little traditions Adrian and I began last year.

Happy December, my friends!

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