Continuing the conversation.

I often struggle with the content of this blog. All the best blog advice states to write toward a niche and to adhere to one topic. Be it food, fashion, DIY home decor, or whatever other intriguing topic will win you the most readers. They (whoever they is) also advise you to be yourself.

And therein lies the struggle.

I like to bake. I love an inspired outfit. And while I may not always succeed, I enjoy tackling a good (read: easy) DIY project from time to time. I appreciate a well-shot and well-processed photo. And if you were to look at my google reader, you'd see all those interests mingling together.

And while I may not gain thousands of readers, I'd like to think my priority here is to write. To share pieces of myself, whatever those pieces may be.

I've spent some time thinking about this recently and the conclusion I've run into is this: this blog will be about the writing. Maybe a project or a baked good thrown in here and there. And of course, a bit of inspiration when it strikes. But primarily, the essence of this blog will be in the writing. Because that is what I love.

That said, I do not intend to limit myself in regard to topics. I am not seeking to appease a niche of readers because I am not a niche person. I'd like to think that if you met me today, we could sit down for coffee and happily dance through a range of topics.

Admittedly, it does take two to have a conversation. Ideally. So I would encourage those of you who read to, please, comment. Agree. Disagree. Debate. Engage. Like we would if I sat there with you.

So while I cannot offer you an actual cup of coffee, I'd love for you to grab one wherever you are, and engage awhile. And next time we meet out there in the non-internet world, I'd be glad to buy you a cup and continue the conversation.

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  1. I love reading your blog. I'm glad you don't write about the same thing all the time.

  2. Britney, that seriously means so much to me! And bt-dub, congratulations!! If you're ever in the Midwest sometime, I think we need to meet up. We can discuss ESL teaching, moving somewhere "for a year" and staying, etc etc.


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