Happy Blogiversary.

Since I wouldn't be me if I didn't let an anniversary pass without really noticing, I didn't realize that my blogiversary had passed me by! So though I am a couple days late, I wanted to offer a few thoughts on this momentous occasion.

We made it.

Woot, woot.

Last winter I thought about re-trying this blogging thing because I enjoyed reading blogs, I enjoyed writing blogs and I enjoyed connecting with friends and family. And I think I actually enjoy it more now than I did a year ago.

So thank you. For listening to reading my stories. It has pushed me to look at each day and find the story in it. Long distance relationships/friendships have always been tough for me because I love the everyday. I love to know the small stories, the little things that happened that make for a good day or a bad day. And I've been historically awful at sharing those stories non face-to-face. So thank you for providing me a forum to put those stories into words and for following along.

I'm excited for this upcoming year. Shoot, I even paid a little money to change the wed address. I figured if I was going to commit to this blogging thing, I ought to commit once and for all.

So I present to you http://www.ohhellolove.com/. Easier to remember. Easier to find. Easier to share...

Thank you for helping me find my voice and for the encouragements along the way. I'll keep writing. You keep coming around.
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  1. Just stumbled across your blog and I have to say it is super adorable! Keep up the good work! :)


  2. Natalia, you honestly made my night. I read your comment to my husband and told him this is why I blog. So thank you!!


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